Niva Kegode


  • The number of homeless children living on the streets of Nakuru, Kenya began rising. There was little being done to stem the flow of children to the streets or help rehabilitate them. Eventually, a few street children would grow to several hundred; a situation that was being repeated in every city and town in Kenya. Niva Kegode, a resident of Nakuru, decided she had to do something about the situation. With a few of her close friends, she embarked on a mission to help the street children in any way. Food and clothing was provided and eventually led to a feeding program that was primarily supported by family, close friends, and some local businesses.



Niva Kegode feeding and ministering to the homeless children in Nakuru, Kenya


  • Mwandani was formed as a faith-affiliated organization supported primarily by donations from within Kenya, the United States, and United Kingdom. The feeding program was the major focus of Mwandani. Ministering to the spiritual needs of the street children while they ate their meal became a common feature. Soon, during meal times, the street children would start sharing about their personal dreams and aspirations which led to Mwandani’s attempts to help rehabilitate them. Rehabilitation efforts included connecting the street children with opportunities for education, employment, or starting a business. Catering to the street children’s more personal needs, such as medical attention and connecting with relatives was also undertaken by Mwandani.


  • Due to health issues, Niva Kegode was unable to continue operating Mwandani so the feeding and rehabilitation programs were suspended.


  • Mwandani International was launched as a tax exempt (501(c)(3)) nonprofit organization in the United States. Mwandani International seeks to expand on Niva Kegode’s mission to seek ways to address the growing homelessness among Kenyans. We believe that homelessness begins with the lack of opportunities in the rural regions which leads many inhabitants to move to the urban regions in search for work and a chance for an improved livelihood.
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